Publication in Literature Compass

Lit Compass ArticleAlthough it is behind a paywall, my article in Literature Compass came out on September 3. Here is a link to its abstract. It’s called “19th-century Travel and the 21st-century Scholar.” It’s a survey of books published in the last ten years or so that describe nineteenth-century British tourism and its relationship to literature. I argue that given the development of the field over the past generation of scholars, they “need no longer apologize for interdisciplinarity nor for discarding the observance of strict boundaries between literary and non-literary genres.”

One thought on “Publication in Literature Compass”

  1. Hi! I like your website! I wonder if you could put more on it regarding your comment about ?Scholars no longer needing to apologize for the discarding of observance of strict boundaries etc. for us non-literary types who may visit your website from time to time. What are these boundaries in more detail? Is a non-literary genre like a tourism pamphlet or advertisement from that time period?
    Thanks, Dad

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