Being a tourist at William Blake’s birth site (now a curry restaurant).

Alex Milsom completed her  Ph.D. in English literature at UCLA in June of 2016. Her dissertation is about nineteenth-century tourism. She spent 3 years teaching high school English in the Bronx before spending seven years as a Teaching Fellow in UCLA’s English Department and Writing Program.

During graduate school at UCLA, Dr. Milsom completed a two-year fellowship where she worked in UCLA’s pioneering Center for Digital Humanities as an Instructional Technology Consultant developing websites for UCLA and training professors how to make use of newly available technologies in the classroom.

During her years in Los Angeles, Dr. Milsom chaired the community education program for Karma Rescue, a dog rescue in West Los Angeles. For seven years, she visited local schools, juvenile detention facilities, and high-security prisons leading discussions about  dog-fighting and advocating the importance of spaying and neutering pets.

Dr. Milsom spends a lot of time either talking about or playing with her two dogs. When they are napping, she enjoys gardening, reading historical fiction, making fun of “literary fiction,” and watching bad television shows.

You can follow her on twitter – @alexandramilsom.