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Book Project:

I am at work on a monograph entitled The Grand Tour and Catholic Emancipation. The study documents how British tourism to the Continent thwarted, then promoted, and then thwarted again the cause of Catholic Emancipation in Great Britain and Ireland in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The omnipresence of (usually bigoted, always fetishistic) commentary on Roman Catholicism in travel texts written by Protestant British travelers suggests that we take a closer look at how travel writing from the period altered or retrenched prejudices about British and Irish Catholics at home. I contend that the birth of mass tourism in the early nineteenth century facilitated emancipation, even as it retrenched animosity against British and Irish Catholics.

Mariana Starke, John Chetwode Eustace, John Murray III, Jemima Morrell, Charles Dickens, and John Ruskin feature heavily in this book.

Joseph Forsyth, Lord Byron, John Cam Hobhouse, John Murray II, Francis Palgrave,  J.M.W. Turner, and Walter Pater make appearances as well.

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*This is a fictional war about a non-fictional work of lively academic prose.



The British Traveler and the Continental Tour, 1789-1884

In which I analyze the evolution of the Anglophone guidebook and the changing face of the tourist in the nineteenth century.

Mapping the dissertation